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The Benefits of Hiring A Professional Photographer For Your Social Media

Humans are highly visual creatures, and tapping into that by using images on your social media is an excellent way to grab attention for your company.

However, not just any old image will do. To stand out for all the right reasons and win over your audience, you should avoid blurry, outdated, or stock images at all costs.

Low-quality images can reflect poorly on your business, making potential customers think you're not motivated to put in the effort. This can give them the wrong impression about the quality of your services or products.

On the other hand, high quality, professional photography helps people get a true sense of all you and your company has to offer.

Over the last decade, we've seen a rapid improvement in the quality of smartphone photos. However, the truth remains that phone cameras still haven't reached the standard of photos taken by professional photographers.

This blog will share why it’s best to hire a professional photographer instead of trying to capture photos for your social media posts yourself.

Here are our top seven reasons why you should hire a professional photographer for your social media photos.

1. High-quality photos

Have you ever taken a photo on your phone and asked yourself, why doesn't it look the same on your phone as in real life?

The truth is that smartphone photos simply can't compete with the display quality of professionally captured images.

For one thing, smartphones are compact, so they can't have the same type of lenses you find on a DSLR.

In the end, the standard quality of photos comes down to a camera’s sensor size, lens focal length, and editing.

Even though some companies are producing extra lenses that can be added to the smartphone, they pale compared to a professional lens.

2. More creativity

A good photographer will have years of experience working with clients. Over time, they'll have picked up multiple tips and tricks the average person won't have.

Professional photographers have a talent for knowing what looks good on camera and have an in-depth understanding of how people perceive imagery. This allows them to create images that audiences will relate to and be impacted by.

If you're feeling experimental or lacking creativity, photographers' heads are always brimming with ideas.

What's more, photographers can help you create a strong brand image by understanding the pulse of social media platforms.

3. Saves time

In most cases, images don’t come out perfectly straight from the camera.

After snapping your photos, professional photographers will process them to ensure they look as good as possible. Contacts

When handling your social media pictures yourself, you'll likely have to spend time rummaging through filters to find the one that fits. This can be time-consuming and steal valuable time from your busy day.

The entire process is done for you if you hire a photographer, from capturing the perfect shots to editing them.

You can devote the time saved to developing more engaging content ideas to help grow your brand.

4. No issues with image sizing

Social media algorithms will always prioritize promoting optimized images over non-optimized ones.

This means that when you create images that are the right size for a specific social media platform, your posts will be pushed out to more people, increasing your reach.

If you try to upload images that aren’t the right size, each social media platform will crop and compress the photos automatically to make their app run more smoothly. This can leave your images looking low-quality and distorted.

When you hire a social media photographer, you can easily avoid these issues. Your photographer will be well-versed in the sizing guidelines for each social media platform, saving you a great deal of hassle.

5. Professional results, every time

When social media users see the care and attention to detail that went into your photographs, it will shape their opinion of your brand.

Sharing professional photos on your social media channels will engage, attract, and entice your audience to like, share, and comment on your posts.

Activity and engagement are essential to building a positive brand experience and developing meaningful relationships with new and current customers.

6. Achieve your vision

Teaming up with a photographer who understands your vision and goals is also an excellent way to promote your brand, products, or services.

Without vision, your photos will fail to engage with the viewer and won’t be memorable.

While scrolling on social media, our attention spans are very low. Having unengaging and uninspired images will cause your business to miss out on capturing your customers' eyes.

7. A new approach

There are endless ways to add a unique flare to your social media photos. An experienced photographer can help you brainstorm ideas and think of things you haven't.

After all, thinking outside the box is the key to creating images that stand out on overcrowded social media feeds.

Photographers are experts in attention-grabbing techniques and can share many fresh ideas.

From offering professional results every time to saving you valuable time - there are many advantages to hiring a professional photographer for your social media photography.

Explore Mantis Media's professional photography service

If you're searching for a professional photographer to produce standout images for your social media campaigns, our team at Mantis Media would love to help.

Whether you require food, fashion, real estate, modeling portfolio, or product photography, we deliver first-class photographs that win your brand the attention it deserves.

We'll be by your side every step of the way as we see your project through from concept to final delivery.

Get in touch today to learn more about the services we offer.


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