Flawless food photography, seamlessly delivered.

At Mantis Media, we treat every dish like a model and give it the attention it deserves.

Chicken wings and french fries food photography services for Country Sweet Rochester NY

Custom Food Photography

We've had the pleasure of providing photography for 

restaurants, bars, meal services, catering, sauce companies, coffee and drinks, national brands

and private labelers.  

Rochester, NY Food Photographer

We can assist with plating and food styling as well as set design. We source the best props, backgrounds and additional ingredients to fit your custom concept.

We even have custom made backgrounds and table-top textures to give your images the most unique look possible.


Rochester, NY Food Photographer


On shoot day, we can come to you and work at your location and kitchen or you can bring the food to us!


Whether you need photography of an entire menu or high-end hero shots, you can trust that we will deliver stunning visuals within your timeline and budget. 

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Rochester NY, Food Photographer


We provide custom styled shoots, menu photography, product images, recipe development, food styling and flat-lay.